The Dinner

The Dinner

Film by: Martin Wonnacott
Editor:  Dayn Williams
Stylist: Amy Lord

Recipe: Amy Lord

Recipe: Amy Lord


Coming together to help end hunger

Since 2014, more than 1,000 people from New York and beyond—including current and former Crossroads guests, regular supporters, and people encountering Crossroads for the first time have come together on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

For some, it is a leap of faith to sit down to dinner with people they’ve just met. While many may wonder what to say or how to respond, most often attendees speak of their delight at how easily conversation begins to flow once platters of delicious food are passed around the table. 

This annual dinner transforms St. Bartholomew's Church in New York City into an elegant dining room where the walls that sometimes divide us are broken down. It’s the perfect setting for us to enjoy each other and a taste of a world without hunger and homelessness.


The evolution of Fare Share Friday

In 2010, Crossroads Community Soup Kitchen regulars requested we serve a special dinner not on Thanksgiving Day, but on the evening after when many organizations take the day off.

Two years later, Chef David Garcelon of the Waldorf Astoria, offered to prepare and donate the food for the dinner and the guests could not stop talking about it.

Then Chef Garcelon recruited Chef Jacques Sorci of the Lotte New York Palace, and together with Crossroads Executive Director Edward Sunderland asked an inspired question, “Would the soup kitchen guests be willing to share this post-Thanksgiving Day dinner with the broader community?”

Naturally, the answer was “yes.” And since 2014, Fare Share Friday has been an event celebrated annually.

There are never too many cooks in our kitchen

New York City chefs excel at creating incomparable culinary experiences. At Fare Share Friday 2017, we welcome five extraordinary chefs. Joining our kitchen:

Chef John Johnson
Four Seasons

Executive Chef Willis Loughhead
Intercontinental New York Barclay

Chef Richard Brown
New York Hilton Midtown

Chef Jacques Sorci
Lotte Palace Hotel

Chef Todd Ruiz
Omni Berkshire

The tradition continues with hotel chefs, staff, local businesses, vendors, professional organizations, student groups and individuals making Fare Share Friday an exceptional dinner for all.

Our gratitude for the generous support of Michael Romei and his team of the New York City Association of Hotel Concierges, who bring outstanding service with dozens of volunteers each year.

To learn more about Crossroads Community Services, please visit our website: www.crossroadsnyc.